Who we are

GROUPE d'ELITE TOURIST SERVICES works with the main accomodations, managing the animation staff.

The partnership with the acccomodation is intensified by the direct management, and by the collaboration in events/artists choice, in which our company is leader.

For many years Groupe d'Elite has been interested in the holiday business. In fact we offer support to the accomidation about the direct sale of resort stays in which we work with, fidelizing guests and offering a service that goes further the animation and show stuff provision.

Our rise is linked to our strong motivation, to face new challanges in order to improve our background, without forget our goal: understand the real needs of our partner at best and cooperate about the success of our project.

Besides Roberto Dionisio, promoters and owner, in GROUPE d'ELITE there is also Andrea Catavolo, art director. He was head resort for the most famous international Tour Operator, he supervised the staff of the most important resorts. He is a comedian, one man show in some national TV programms and actually he is a radio speaker of Radio Studio Più.


Company organization chart

Roberto Dionisio
Directorate General
Andrea Catavolo
Artistic Direction
Carmen Cretella
Ufficio Commerciale
Achille Ferrari
HR Department
Ilaria De Biase
Administrative Secretary
Chiara Della Noce
Commercial Secretary